PixRev Partnership Program.

Join our partnership program and get all the help you need to start up a mobile device repair business, or grow your existing business exponentially. With the help of our vast network of specialist partners we help you start and grow your business from the very beginning.

Partnership subscription fee of R 750.00 p/month gives you access to

  • Training in the repairs of mobile devices.
  • Up to 20% discount on parts and tools.
  • Convenient parts and tools ordering process.
  • Quality products delivered to your door.
  • Proactive social media marketing
  • 1st level lead filtering delivering quality leads directly to you.
  • User driven knowledge base, and access to a wide variety of specialists.


With over 10 years’ experience in the market, we know how to fix pretty much anything by now, and were happy to pass on that knowledge. We will assist you in the training process to start your mobile device repair business. Yes, the internet is an amazing place, and you can practically learn anything from YouTube (that’s how we learned) but there are some things you can only learn with experience, and we have tons of that. Let us help you accelerate your learning process and help you start making money faster.  


We source quality replacement parts and tools for you to repair your customer’s devices.

As existing repairers will know, the market in South Africa is very informal and unorganized, there is no single resource that can supply replacement parts and tools on a consistent basis with consistent quality, not to mention one with an online store where the whole process is streamlined and built designed around you, the user. At least not until now that is.

With agreements in place with local and international suppliers we offer you quality replacement parts at competitive prices. With the ease of a click of a button you can have your tools and parts delivered to your door anywhere in South Africa, allowing you to service your clients and drive your sales forward.


Our social media partners are standing by to assist you in bringing new clients to your door.

We will assist you in the initial setup of your social media accounts, and actively market the repairs of mobile devices in your area, we will also complete the 1st level lead filtering of requests and direct clients in your area to your business.

Our social media partners also actively monitor social media groups in your area, looking for potential clients and driving them to your business.


In this business, knowledge is key, knowing how to deal with the hurdles you will face in your repairs, getting the job done and getting paid in a timely manner is the difference between merely getting by and making a living to running a successful business.

We actively encourage our partners to assist and upskill each other. All of us face the same kind of problems in this industry and the ‘everyone for himself’ mentality is not helping anyone, our user driven knowledge base is built for this exact reason, to combine the knowledge of our partners to help each other and teach one another to overcome these problems easily and efficiently with minimal wasted time and in turn maximizing output and financial returns.

Together with this knowledge base you also get access to experts in specialized repairs fields at discounted rates, allowing you to grow your business and offer your customers a wider range of services and profiting from them, thus growing your income stream.

“Learn avidly. Question repeatedly what you have learned. Analyse it carefully. Then put what you have learned into practice intelligently.” – Edward Cocker