Cellphone Repairs

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“It looks brand new”

That’s the comment we get most often, numerous times a day actually, followed closely by “oh wow, I can see my phone’s screen again”, and thirdly by “thank goodness, my photos are still on the phone, I’m so glad they aren’t lost”.


Almost everyone can relate to these kinds of reactions. No matter how well we take care our devices, sometimes life just happens and something goes wrong.

Mobile phones have become such an integral part of our existence that when things do go wrong it can be catastrophic.  Added to that is our dependency on them for a variety of reasons that even the mere thought of handing your device over to someone for weeks on end to be repaired makes most people shudder.

At PixRev we have built a repairs process and business model that allows us to repair your device to the highest standards and in extra quick time (in some cases, less than an hour) , all the while doing so at competitive prices, making sure that each and every client of ours is a happy client who will return to us time and again when life inevitably happens.   

We repair phones, tablets, Macs and things inbetween. Repair your Apple, Samsung, LG or Huawei at Pixrev. Book your device online.