Mac / PC Sales and Repairs

This is an ever expanding site, new pricing will be uploaded continuously. If your device is not listed, please contact us for the latest pricing.

You’ve bumped your Laptop off the desk and now the screen is broken, knocked over a cup of coffee all over your MacBook’s keyboard or just it just needs to be serviced and tuned up. We’ve got your back! Combined, our technicians have over 30 years’ experience in repairing Apple and PC based computer and Laptops.  Trust uswe’ve seen it all, experience counts, and we’ve got that in spades.  We know how to deal with the problems you have.

Being around for a while teaches you a few things, one of which is where to find what you are looking for. Countless hours driving around and many more hours on the phone means we can probably find your Sunshine on a rainy day if you wish. From large cabinet servers, data management systems to your daughter’s laptop that needs replacing we can find it, it’s what we do!

We repair phones, tablets, Macs and things inbetween. Repair your Apple, Samsung, LG or Huawei at Pixrev. Book your device online.

MAC Repairs and Sales

Your stylish sleek and expensive Mac is not well, what are your options? Taking it to the retailer where you bought it, who will then send it to the manufacturer, and then the long wait to see what is wrong with it followed by another waiting period and finally a huge bill. this is an unfortunate reality, and if the machine is under warrantee and the damage is a manufactured defect, then that’s unfortunately what you are in for.

However, what if the machine isn’t under warrantee, what if you dropped it or got water damage somehow, what then? Still follow the same route when you know it’s going to cost a small fortune and take forever, when you need answers now? 

Our mac technicians know these devices inside out, we work on them every single day, from upgrading them to fixing water damage and board level repairs we do it all, our knowledge and expertise on these devices are unmatched and we can fix what most others can’t even diagnose.  And we do all of this in a fraction of the time others take!

Computer and Laptop Repairs and Sales

In our case, the original starting point, the things we were taking apart and fixing right at the beginning, and where this world of electronic repairs opened up to us. This is what we cut our teeth on and probably know the best of all, our services and expertise is so vast in this field that we can’t even list them all if we wanted to, so here is a brief summary of the services we supply.
  • Sales of new desktop and laptop computers
  • Laptop screen replacements
  • Sales of quality laptop batteries
  • Sales of quality laptop chargers
  • Ram upgrades
  • Hard drive and SSD upgrades
  • Servicing of laptops and computers
  • System clean-ups
As we said before this is just a brief summary of the services we provide on PC’s and laptops, if you need any assistance on anything else not listed please contact us and let’s see how we can help you.