Networking, AV Surveillance and Smart Home Automation

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The most annoying thing in the world is when your Wi-Fi or network is driving you nuts.  A dead spot right next to the braai or the office network needs a refresh?  Our experienced installation team will find and install whatever you need. We will assist you in the process, and find the most suitable solution for you.

We have a whole bag of tricks up our sleeves here, from quick and easy whole home Wi-Fi networks to complex wired data, video surveillance or audio systems.   We can even help you turn the light on and off with your phone from anywhere in the world.

Whole Home WiFi Mesh

There is nothing more annoying than watching Netflix, catching up on latest sport scores or online gaming, and your network just isn’t up to scratch. You have that flashy new fibre line coming in giving you ridiculous speeds, but somehow something isn’t right. Everything works just fine in some parts of your house and in others simply nothing wants to work.

Repeaters and range extenders have been tried several times and they always end up not working properly at some point. This is becoming a constant headache for most people and most simply give up on it at some point. The solution to this is Mesh Technology, but what should you get, how do you set it up, will this be another pain in the back side like all the other solutions?

The answer is NO, not with us. We’ve done our research and zeroed down on a few choice products and solutions designed to fit any situation, our process involves doing a site visit, assessing what is needed, and finally installing a system that is easy to manage using a self-healing network solution that blankets your home in full Wi-Fi coverage.

Large Scale Wired Network Installations

There is simply nothing more reliable and stable around and for business purposes it is the core backbone of all your office networking requirements. When time is money you cannot afford to lose any of either with unreliable access to your information or devices like printers or network storage systems.  

Our professional specialist installers take great pride in the work they do, and they are good at what they do! We can accommodate small to medium installations with only a few points installed to large scale network rollouts for large organizations with hundreds of users.

Our processes are customer orientated, starting with an in-depth site survey and consultation with our clients to determine what their needs are, followed by a professional, aesthetically pleasing and custom installation delivered with full testing reports, and lastly a happy client knowing that the days of losing time and money due to network issues are behind them.

Medium to Large WiFi Installations

With your core backbone sorted, you still need Wi-Fi in your office, restaurant or large venue but a simple Wi-Fi repeater or router simply cannot deal with the traffic or the number of devices needing to connect to it. That’s where we scale things up a bit by using large to enterprise scale Mesh Systems designed to handle even the toughest challenges your office, industrial or catering venue can throw at it.

We install only the most cutting edge and latest business grade Mesh Systems available with the highest security and reliability combined with maximum range to cover every square meter of your premises no matter how big or small.