Tablet Repairs

These devices have made our lives a lot easier, convenient and our pockets a lot lighter! Gone are the days when most people have to drag their computers with them all over the place while waiting for important emails or simply checking up on information when a cellphone screen is simply too small. Unfortunately they do however suffer accidental damage from time to time, and cannot simply be replaced as they are costly investments. At Pixrev we specialize in the repair of Apple and Samsung tablets in a timely fashion, getting it back in tip top condition for you as fast as possible!

  • Please note that we will require your device’s full model number to be able to identify the required parts for repair thus allowing us to give you the most accurate information and price possible.
  • On some devices we can do repairs at your home or office in the greater Gauteng area for an additional fee of R150
  • All repairs are scheduled by appointment only.