Tablet Repairs

This is an ever expanding site, new pricing will be uploaded continuously. If your device is not listed, please contact us for the latest pricing.


The integration of these devices in our daily lives have grown so fast in the last couple of years that it’s actually mind boggling. From using them as a mobile business tool to universities and schools switching over to them as opposed to traditional textbooks, their popularity and wide range of uses has grown at a startling pace, but having a device like this that is not 100% functional can also be crippling.

As with all our services, our standards are set very high, we are able to repair these devices at very competitive prices and in the fraction of time others would take. Allowing you to rather focus on that next big proposal or school/university project that needs to be submitted ASAP.

We repair phones, tablets, Macs and things inbetween. Repair your Apple, Samsung, LG or Huawei at Pixrev. Book your device online.