Pixrev Services

Mobile Repair

'Nomophobia' - Fear of being without your mobile phone.

According to research, nomophobia is the most common phobia in the world today, love them or hate them, mobile phones have become such an integral part of our existence these days, that just the simple thought of having to send your phone in for repairs and be without it for a few days sends most of us into a cold sweat! That’s why at Ariko technologies we offer fast reliable and efficient phone repairs with minimal downtime, getting your device up and running, and back into your pocket faster, and in the case of some devices, we can even come to you and repair it in your home or office.

Tablet Repair

These devices have made our lives a lot easier, convenient and our pockets a lot lighter! Gone are the days when most people have to drag their computers with them all over the place while waiting for important emails or simply checking up on information when a cellphone screen is simply too small. Unfortunately they do however suffer accidental damage from time to time, and cannot simply be replaced as they are costly investments. At Ariko we specialize in the repair of Apple and Samsung tablets in a timely fashion, getting it back in tip top condition for you as fast as possible!

Repairs and Upgrades

We offer a wide range of repairs on both Windows based and Mac based computers and laptops, including upgrades and system tune ups, to maximize your systems efficiency and boost productivity.

  • Screen Replacements
  • Battery replacements
  • Ram, SSD upgrades and system tune-ups